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Electric Motor

Electric motor is one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern industrial production, because it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Permanent magnet motors become more and more widely used due to some key advantages over induction motors like high consistent performance, low loss and high efficiency, small volume and light weight, high power and high torque especially when rare earth magnets used in the design.

Electric Motor

Since our foundation Horizon have been focusing on development and production of high end Neodymium magnets and recognizing electric motor as our most promising market. 50% of our magnets are widely used in all kinds of high performance electric motors, such as servo motors, linear motors, elevator motors, compressor motors, etc. Our laminated magnet is the best choice for high-efficiency motors, because it reduces eddy current losses, which means less heat and less waste during working.

Our decades of experience in the electric motor application enable us to quite understand and help electric motor manufacturers to consider all aspects concerning permanent magnets:

Feasibility: Background in magnet application in electric motor allows us to cooperate with electric motor manufacturers from the design process. We can give suggestions in magnets when you evaluate comprehensive requirements of the electric motor like dimension, weight, strength, speed, torque, operating temperature, etc.

Stability: We can produce specific magnets with high temperature stability and tight magnet property range of magnets used for each motor to improve operating stability of the electric motor.

Cost: Permanent magnet materials like SmCo, NdFeB and Ferrite can be used in electric motors, but their own respective properties can meet varying applications. Our know-how enables us to help you with choosing a cost-effective magnet material and property.

Lifespan: Besides surface treatment, we optimize the material composition, microstructure and production technology to get Neodymium magnet material with low weight loss and then extend the Nd-Fe-B magnet lifespan.

Bonding: In order to meet versatile requirement in bonding magnets to the motor rotors, our Neo magnets are supplied with several options of surface coating, like NiCuNi, Epoxy, Zn, Passivation, Phosphating, etc. The coating quality is ensured by SST and PCT tests.

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