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Loaf Neodymium Magnet


Loaf Neodymium Magnet Introduction

The bread neodymium magnet is a precast concrete formwork roll-up magnet that is lighter in weight and smaller in size, allowing for multiple uses in more complex or reduced spaces. Neodymium loaf magnets are widely used in high performance motors and various other electronics.

Neodymium Loaf Magnet Characteristics

---Genuine Neodymium magnet, without La (Lanthanum) or Ce (Cerium) to destroy magnet quality

---Outstanding magnetic properties – Br high to 14.5 kGs (1. 45T) and (BH)max high to 52 MGOe (414 kJ/m3)

---High demagnetization resistance –maximum Hcj higher than 35 kOe (2785 kA/m)

---High working temperature – maximum working temperature high to 230ºC

---Very high resistance to demagnetization

---High energy for size

---Good in ambient temperature

---Material is corrosive and should be coated for long term maximum energy output.

Size of Loaf Neodymium Magnets

---Normal Size Range: L (Length): 1~180mm, W (Width): 3~180mm, H (Height): 1.5~100mm

---Maximum Size: L50 x W180 xH80mm, L180 x W80 xH50mm,

---Minimum Size: L1x W3 x H2mm

---Orientation Direction Size: Lower than 80mm

---Tolerance: Generally +/-0.1mm, Particularly +/-0.05mm.

Machining Method

Generally, the loaf magnet requires only EDM cutting from the big block. Sometimes, for large quantity, it can be sliced from a big block to many small blocks, and then the small blocks need processing with a shaped diamond grinding wheel which provides the precise dimensions and speeds up the machining process. Prior to coating, the small loaf needs vibration tumbling and the big loaf needs manual chamfering.

Main Application

Electric motors, wind turbines, pump couplings, chemical pumps, magnetic assemblies, etc.

Main Test Items Prior to Delivery

In order to ensure NdFeB magnets to meet requirements, we main test the following items: size, weight loss, magnetic properties, flux, flux density, angle deviation, magnetic loss, appearance, coating thickness, corrosion resistance, etc.

Horizon also supplies segment neodymium magnet. Magnets are always used in industrial markets. Please just feel free to send us an enquiry if you are looking for Neodymium loaf magnets, curved magnets, segment magnets, motor magnets or related magnets. Our loaf Neodymium magnet quality exceeds the requirement so as to ensure electric motor working with good performance. According to International Magnetics Association/Magnet Materials Producers Association (IMA/MMPA) standards, visual imperfections such as hairline cracks, porosity and minor chips are commonly found in sintered magnets. A chipped edge is considered acceptable if no more than 10% of the surface is missing. 

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