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Classification of Precast Concrete Formworks Button Magnet

Jun. 28, 2019

Precast Concrete Formworks Button Magnet can be divided into stencil magnets, insert magnets and magnetic chamfers depending on their specific application scenario.

When the concrete is poured into a stainless steel plate, a template magnet is fabricated to secure the side rails and blocks. The magnetic array will provide a very strong attraction to the bonded sheet and the switching function will be achieved by clamping the handle. The Horizon Magnetics team has accumulated a wealth of useful experience in simulating magnets, providing simulation solutions, test and manufacturing facilities to provide customers with the right solution.

Construction personnel need to reserve many different switches and pipe holes, as well as embedded connections and lift cylinders. Plug-in magnets are used to secure embedded components, and their shape and principle are very similar to conventional pot magnets.

The magnetic chamfer is designed to form bevel chamfers on the corners and faces of concrete wall panels. It secures the steel chamfer to the work area relay position on the integrated magnet. Magnetic chamfering can be divided into steel type and rubber type according to materials.

Precast Concrete Formworks Button Magnet

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