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Message O f External Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB

Jul. 12, 2019

External Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB is simply a magnet. Unlike the magnets we usually see, it is called the "Magnetic King" because of its excellent magnetic properties. NdFeB contains a large amount of rare earth element lanthanum, as well as iron and boron, and its properties are hard and brittle.

Because the surface is highly susceptible to oxidative corrosion, NdFeB must be surface coated. Surface chemical passivation is one of the good solutions.

As a kind of rare earth permanent magnet material, Internal Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB has the extremely high magnetic energy product and coercive force, and the high energy density makes NdFeB permanent magnet material widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology, thus making the instrument It is possible to reduce the size, weight, and thickness of instruments, electroacoustic motors, and magnetic separation magnetization.

The advantages of NdFeB are high cost performance and good mechanical properties. The disadvantages are low operating temperature, poor temperature characteristics, and easy chalking. It must be improved by adjusting its chemical composition and surface treatment. Meet the requirements of the actual application.

NdFeB magnetic materials, as the latest result of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, are called "magnetic king" because of their excellent magnetic properties. The neodymium iron boron magnetic material is an alloy of base metal or boron iron. Also known as magnetic steel.

External Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB

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