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How To Maintain The Template Magnetic Box?

Dec. 11, 2019

Shuttering Magnet Box is mainly used in prefabricated parts of prefabricated buildings. The earliest prefabricated buildings used the method of cast-in-situ models. The new specifications of prefabricated parts have many advantages. It is precisely because of these excellent features that many construction companies use it As their new processing method, from Europe, the southern United States to the United Arab Emirates, and India, and now also to China, precast concrete magnets are an important accessory for precast concrete systems. The design is to fix the panel on the basis of concrete pouring to the mold.

What are the advantages of fixed shuttering magnet box prefabricated parts compared with traditional construction methods? Concrete Magnet supplier will come and tell you.

1. Easy disassembly and assembly-time and labor saving; traditional bolting-disassembly and assembly is difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive;

2. A box is multi-purpose, which can be used for wood, aluminum and steel molds, and any combination; traditional construction method: bolt or thread fixing, the method often needs to be changed;

3. The mold is fixed with a strong magnetic core adsorption mold table, without drilling holes in the mold or the mold table, without causing any damage to the mold table and the mold, greatly improving its service life; the traditional method: after punching holes in the mold or the mold table Fixing with bolts causes irreversible damage, which causes unevenness of the surface of the component over time, the service life of the die table and the die is short, and the cost amortization is high.

Shuttering Magnet

Shuttering Magnet

So how should we maintain when using Shuttering Magnet?

The template magnetic box has a service life, but a good maintenance method can increase the service life of the template magnetic box. How does an assembly construction enterprise do good maintenance of the template magnetic box in the process of using the template magnetic box?

In the first aspect, before using the template magnetic box, check whether the bottom of the magnetic block and the platform are clean and flat. If there is a foreign object on the bottom of the template magnetic box, it can be cleaned (the iron knife will be adsorbed and cannot be cleaned, please use stainless steel). If there is something that is difficult to clean, such as concrete, you can use a grinder to clean it. Install a wire polishing pad on the polisher and polish the bottom of the magnetic block.

On the other hand, due to the structure of the magnetic block itself, if the production process is not well controlled, the magnetic surface may also be uneven, because the magnetic block is connected by the NdFeB magnet and the iron bar by bolts. If the screw hole size and position are not well controlled, the overall surface of the iron bar after assembly will be uneven, and it will need to be smoothed by a grinder. When the magnetic block works, the screw that passes through the middle iron rod longitudinally is used to pull the entire magnetic block. If the hole size tolerance is too large and there is a gap with the screw that passes through the iron rod horizontally, it will cause misalignment between the individual iron rods. , Which causes the overall magnetic surface to be uneven, which will also greatly affect the working magnetic force of the magnetic block.

The above are the advantages of the template magnet and how to maintain it. Hope to help everyone.

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