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Precautions During The Use of Powerful Magnets

Oct. 13, 2020

The technical term means that the Magnetic Range of a powerful magnet is smaller. Therefore, the attractive force provided by ordinary magnets is higher than that of strong magnets at long distances. For a single magnet, 30CM, no matter it is strong or ordinary, it cannot induce enough suction. Of course, enough magnetic block arrangement can achieve this effect.

Conventionally refers to ferrite or other materials. In fact, compared with ordinary magnets, powerful magnets are characterized by a larger surface field, and this multiple is about 4 times. Another feature is the high gradient. The gradient represents the change of the magnetic field per unit length. Taking the surface field to infinity as an example, the faster the magnetic field strength decreases, the higher the gradient. Conversely, the magnetic field of a strong magnet is more affected by the change of distance.

Ndfeb Magnet

Ndfeb Magnet


1. The strong magnet must ensure that the workplace is clean during use, so that it is not easy to absorb small magnetic particles such as iron filings and affect the use. Moreover, the characteristics of NdFeB Material are hard and brittle, and at the same time, the suction force can reach more than 600 times its own weight, which is very easy to attract and damage. At the same time, in the process of operation, for small specifications, great care must be taken to avoid collision damage, and for large specifications, personal safety and protection must be paid attention to.

2. When Storing Powerful Magnets, you must pay attention to keeping the indoor ventilation and dry, otherwise, if it is a humid environment, it is particularly easy to cause the magnet to rust. At the same time, the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the magnet. In addition, when storing products without electroplating, it is recommended to apply oil to prevent rust, and store magnetized products away from magnetic disks, magnetic cards, tapes, computer monitors, watches and other objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields. In addition, because the material of the magnet is relatively fragile, it is necessary to ensure that the magnet is not subject to severe impact during transportation, electroplating (coating), and installation. If the method is improper, it is particularly easy to cause magnetic damage and cracking. Magnetic transport should be shielded, especially in air transport must be completely shielded.

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