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Application of Powerful Magnets in Technology Products

Oct. 27, 2020

A flash drive independently developed by the company, with a unique magnetic adsorption design that helps it stand out among similar products, and is praised as an "ideal business office assistant full of fun to use".

There is a small Powerful Magnet hidden under the ultra-thin flash drive, which can be easily attached to office partitions, iron cabinet drawers and computer mainframes, so that office workers do not need to look for flash drives at complicated desks, realizing flash drives Easy to use mode of "sticky notes".

In addition, LaunchPort, the most fashionable and most popular ipad wireless charging device, also has a built-in powerful magnet, which allows your iPad to be tightly attached to the charging base, or even to the refrigerator. Therefore, whether it is a U disk magnet or an ipad magnet, you can see the fun and innovation that small Insulated Magnet bring to science and technology.

Magnetic Chamfer Strip

Magnetic Chamfer Strip

Currently, most bank cards are magnetic cards. The magnetic strip on the bank card is coated with liquid magnetic material on the card, or a small solid magnetic strip is pasted on the card.

If the Shuttering Magnet is disturbed by a strong external magnetic field, the information in the magnetic strip will be destroyed, which makes the card unusable. Therefore, the magnetic card is really not suitable to be too close to the strong magnet, be careful to be demagnetized and cannot be used.

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