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Classification of Rare Earth Magnets

Jul. 04, 2019

Rare Earth Magnet permanent magnet materials can be divided into three categories due to their different alloy compositions:

Rare Earth Magnet

Rare Earth Magnet

(1) rare earth magnets-cobalt permanent magnet materials: SmCo5, Sm2Co17;

(2) rare earth magnets-iron permanent magnet materials: Nd2Fe14B;

(3) rare earths Magnet iron nitrogen (RE-Fe-N system) or rare earth magnet iron carbon (RE-Fe-C system) permanent magnet material.

At present, NdFeB permanent magnets we have developed and applied have been widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, computer, home appliances and other fields. However, China's NdFeB industry has not yet formed a large-scale operation. Most of the products are medium and low-grade products. The magnetic energy product is generally less than 45MGOe, and most of them are below 40MGOe. Therefore, it is mostly used in low-end fields such as audio equipment, magnetizers and magnetic separators; and Japan NdFeB Production is concentrated in only a few large factories, and its products are mostly 40MGOe or above, and are mostly used in high-tech fields such as computer VCM, new motors, and MRI.

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