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Ring Neodymium Magnet Process

Jul. 17, 2019

1. Ring Neodymium Magnet raw material preparation and pretreatment

Process Description: Pretreatment of raw materials such as weighing, crushing, breaking and derusting.

Process equipment: steel cutting machine, drum polishing machine, etc.

2. Smelting

Process introduction: The pretreated raw materials, pure iron, boron iron, etc. are proportioned, added to the vacuum melting furnace, and smelted under high temperature smelting under argon protection. The product composition is uniform, the degree of crystal orientation is high, the structure consistency is good, and the formation of bismuth-Fe is avoided.

Process equipment: vacuum melting furnace

3. Hydrogen explosion

Process Description: The hydrogen explosion (HD) process utilizes the hydrogen absorption characteristics of Cylinder Neodymium Magnet compounds. The neodymium iron boron alloy is placed in a hydrogen atmosphere, and hydrogen enters the alloy along the thin layer of the rich enthalpy phase, causing it to expand and burst and break. Cracking at the rich phase layer ensures the integrity of the main phase grains and the intergranular boundaries. The HD process makes the bismuth sheet of NdFeB very loose, greatly improving the milling efficiency of the jet mill and reducing the production cost.

Process equipment: vacuum hydrogen treatment furnace

4. Milling

Process Description: Airflow milling powder is pulverized by high-speed collision of the material itself. It has no wear and no pollution to the inner wall of the grinding chamber, and can prepare powder with high efficiency.

Process equipment: jet mill

Ring Neodymium Magnet

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