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Template Magnetic Box For Prefabricated Building

Dec. 27, 2019

It is understood that most of China's domestic PC prefabricated component manufacturers use Shuttering Magnet Box, and most of foreign countries use carbon steel. Why?

First: Most domestic PC prefabricated component manufacturers use domestically produced prefabricated forms. The flatness of the steel side molds is poor. At the same time, the operation of the prefabricated components is not standardized. As a result, domestic prefabricated factories often have on-site production A large amount of concrete slurry spilled from the steel side mold.

Second: It has a certain relationship with the design of domestic side molds. Most of the domestic prefabricated buildings adopt semi-prefabricated methods. The wall panel components are produced at the factory and shipped to the site for lifting. During the hoisting process, the wall panels and wall panels are spliced on site, so the splicing place of the wall panels needs to have a reinforced structure. Therefore, in the production process of the component, it is necessary to use the side mold design of the rib.

Third: The spilled concrete will have a strong corrosive effect on the magnetic box, which requires that the magnetic box that plays a fixed role needs to have better corrosion resistance. The traditional magnetic box with a carbon steel casing cannot meet the production needs.

Shuttering Magnet Box

Shuttering Magnet Box

So, the next supplier of Magnetic Chamfer Strip mainly introduces the template magnetic box.

Template magnet structure: It consists of high-performance permanent strong magnetic NdFeB magnetic components, spring screw connection accessories, stainless steel 201 or 304 buttons, and shell assembly.

Working principle: The adsorption force between the NdFeB magnetic core and the steel mold table is transmitted to the stainless steel push button switch through the connecting screw to open and close the magnetic box. The design of single-sided or double-sided bayonet can be directly clamped on the L-shaped angle steel edge mold, and the double-sided edge is equipped with 8.8 high strength. The adjustable fastening screw can directly press down and fix the steel side mold, thereby strengthening the connection between the magnetic box and the angle steel, and effectively preventing the mold from being displaced.

How to use: When in use, move the magnetic box to a suitable position that needs to be fixed, and press the button to make the magnetic core tightly adhere to the steel mold table. At the same time, the bayonet clamps the steel side mold and tightens the side screw. Or complete the tightening and installation through other connecting accessories and pressure plates.

When the component production is completed, it is necessary to borrow a professional magnetic box crowbar, pry up the button, and release the magnetism of the magnetic box, so as to complete the disassembly or displacement of the magnetic box.

There are two main ways to connect the magnetic box and the steel mold table:

1. Direct pressing of high-strength fastening screws:

2. Fix by pressing down the extension plate.

Performance characteristics: stainless steel housing, super corrosion resistance, greatly extending the life of the magnetic box. High-performance neodymium-iron-boron magnetism, strong suction, can be firmly fixed on the steel mold table to prevent side mold displacement. In addition, because neodymium-iron-boron material is a permanent strong magnet, it can be used permanently in principle without demagnetization.


1. The fastening nut cannot be adjusted down, otherwise, the magnetic box body is opened too much and the contact surface is too large, which causes insufficient adsorption and causes side displacement.

2. The surface of the steel mold on which the magnetic box is placed needs to be flat, and it must be cleaned and cleaned before each use. There should be no concrete residue or other particles, so as not to affect the close bonding of the magnetic core and the mold table, and affect the fixing strength.

3. The magnetic core contact surface must be cleaned before and after the magnetic box is used, and no concrete and iron filings can be stuck on it, which affects the adsorption force.

4. Always clean the concrete adhered to the joint and apply oil, and regularly add oil to the position of the guide rod to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the magnetic core.

5. It is forbidden to hit the joint with a hard object such as a hammer, or fall freely on the surface of steel, otherwise the strong adsorption force of the magnetic core itself may damage the box and affect the use, and may even cause the magnetic core to be misaligned and damage the magnetic box.

The above is the template magnetic box introduced by the Precast Concrete Magnet supplier. Hope to help you.

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