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What is The Measurement of Magnetic Rules?

Jun. 06, 2019

Whether a Block Neodymium Magnet can meet the production requirements, in general, the magnet manufacturers have their own strict specifications, each magnet company's approved specifications will be different, but the change is not inseparable, judge the magnet magnetic function is good or bad There are three hard specifications for magnet production, namely remanence Br, coercivity Hc and magnetic energy product Bhmax. Let's take a look at what the specifications of these three methods represent.

The first remanence Br, which refers to the magnetic flux density of the magnet product after removing its own magnetic field in saturation state, its unit is gauss, which means that the magnet can be used by the outside world during use. The magnetic field generated is strong and weak, and the magnets of different types of magnets of the magnet company are different. In general, the current production process can accurately control the production of various magnets to achieve the specified remanent Br value, and the user can directly inspect the product through the inspection instrument at the time of purchase. The second strong magnet is the coercive force Hc specification, which refers to placing the Square Block Neodymium Magnet in a magnetic field that is completely opposite to itself. When the strength of the reverse acting magnetic field is increased to a certain extent, the original magnet product itself. The magnetic force has disappeared. The magnet manufacturer's magnet product resists the force of the reverse magnetic field. It is the coercive force Hc of the magnet. Its unit is oersteds, which represents the magnet's own anti-demagnetization ability. This is very important in the production process of magnet manufacturers. The service life of the product.

The third specification is the magnetic energy product BHmax, which indicates the magnetic field capability of the magnet in a regular unit volume product. It is a very important specification for the magnet company to measure the magnetic function of the magnet, and represents the magnetic function saved by the product itself. How much force.

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