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  • Salvage Fishing Magnet Double Sided with Two Eyebolts
  • Salvage Fishing Magnet Double Sided with Two Eyebolts
  • Salvage Fishing Magnet Double Sided with Two Eyebolts
  • Salvage Fishing Magnet Double Sided with Two Eyebolts

Salvage Fishing Magnet Double Sided with Two Eyebolts


Salvage fishing magnet double sided with two eyebolts is specially designed for heavy-duty and underwater magnetic fishing. The super strong magnetic force on both top and bottom two sides avoids your worry about the magnet direction oriented under water, because both sides can attract ferromagnetic objects. The magnet fishing is a new type of sport, which becomes more and more popular each year and many people have a blast doing it. People can use this simple fishing magnet to pull countless valuables out of the water and even get priceless social interaction experience with family and friends.



Powerful pulling force: This magnetic system uses super strong magnet material, sintered NdFeB / Neodymium rare earth magnet. Moreover, the special steel cup concentrates the powerful force on the center of both sides.

Double magnet sides: The same size of fishing magnet generates twice magnet area on both top and bottom sides. And then you don’t need to care the finishing magnet direction under water, which is easy for you to use it.

Multi-use: The unique design with two removable eyebolts and two threaded holes respectively in the center and side cup enables both single sided and double sided application. You can screw the eyebolt into the side hole as double sided fishing magnet to trawl the bottom of the river, lakes, ponds, reservoirs or sea for ferrous metal objects. When you screw the eyebolt into the center through hole as single sided fishing magnet, which provides a stronger holding force because you perpendicularly to the targeted objects, and it is suitable for lifting from the wells, bridges, boats, etc.

Durable and safe: The steel cup protects Neodymium magnet from chipping and cracking, which extends the service time of the fishing magnet. Moreover the steel cup makes you easy to use it and reduces danger risk of only strong NdFeB magnet caused to you.

Shiny appearance: Fine surface machining and perfect three layer of Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating on both NdFeB magnet and steel cup makes finish magnet with shiny appearance and antirust property. Eye catching! Beautiful!

Easy to use: Just throw the fishing into the water, and then lift or trawl, and then twist the captured objects from the fishing magnet.


Advantages over Competitors:

High quality: NdFeB magnet, the most important component is produced by our own factory, which enables us to make magnet quality under control.

Cost effective: We design and manufacture the important component, NdFeB magnet by ourselves. It makes us ensure our fishing magnet with same quality but at lower price compared to competitors’.

R&D and expertise in magnetics: Our background of magnetics enables us to optimize the steel cup and magnetic circuit to increase the pulling force but with smaller size, weight and then lower cost.

Short delivery time: In-house production and machining capacity ensures short delivery time and even just-in-time delivery for some fishing magnets.

Good terms of payment: Due to confidence in our fishing magnets, we allow long-term customers payment after shipment or receipt of products.

One-stop purchase: More standard options available, like 80kg / 176lbs, 120kg / 264lbs, 150kg / 330lbs, 200kg / 440lbs, 300kg / 660lbs, 400kg / 880lbs and 600kg / 1320lbs. Moreover, our in-house production and fabrication enables customized options for customers conveniently. We can meet your simple one-stop purchase.

Complete package: The complete fishing package is available including grappling hook, high strength Nylon rope with carabiner, non-slip rubber gloves, one set packing, etc. It will make you an easy B2C sale like on Amazon directly.


Technical Data:

Part NumberD
M1 / M2
Net Weight
Maximum Operating Temperature
HM-FD-484818880 310 80
HM-FD-6060228120 530 80
HM-FD-67672510150 840 80
HM-FD-75752510200 965 80
HM-FD-94942810300 1600 80
HM-FD-1161163212400 2750 80
HM-FD-1361363412600 3930 80

Special Reminder:

Danger! Fishing magnet is not a toy for children. Keep it away from children, pacemakers and other electronic products. Gloves are highly recommended to wear when you use it.

The stated holding force is combined by two magnets on two sides. One side of magnet generates half holding force around.

The pulling force is tested on the test condition of magnet surface attracted on the 1.5cm thick A3 high quality flat steel and then pulling via vertical direction to the steel surface at a uniform speed with the profession test equipment in the laboratory. Because your actual usage condition is different, the actual pulling force is lower.

Make sure the fishing magnet works lower than 80 C / 176 F.

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