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  • Treasure Hunting Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet
  • Treasure Hunting Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet
  • Treasure Hunting Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet
  • Treasure Hunting Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet

Treasure Hunting Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet


Treasure hunting double sided Neodymium fishing magnet is an innovative magnetic product made from mainly NdFeB rare earth magnet and steel case. The unique design makes the simple small fishing magnet to generate super strong force to have a wide application like magnet fishing, hanging, lifting and retrieving for various iron-contained articles.



Super strong magnet: The magnet material is Neodymium rare earth magnet. It is one of the strongest permanent magnet materials, which can supply required strong pulling force.  

Durable low carbon steel case: This quality of steel is a high magnetic material, which helps the magnetic force of rare earth NdFeB magnet concentrated to the center only and then increases much more strength than the single magnet. Moreover, the steel case could protect the NdFeB permanent magnet from chipping and cracking. 

Black epoxy filling: The gap between NdFeB magnet and the steel case is filled with black epoxy, which can fix Neodymium magnet on the steel case tightly, and then protect the disc Neodymium magnet from falling down and then extend its service time.

Stainless steel eyebolt: The stainless steel eyebolt is interchangeable. You may use your own special hooks instead to meet your special application requirement.

Backup ring: It increases the fastening force between the eyebolt and treasure hunting fishing magnet and then reduces the risk of the eyebolt backing from and losing the fishing magnet.

Two sides with magnetic force: This design doubles the area with magnetic force, which will make the same sized double sided fishing magnet increase the probability to hunt the treasures successfully.

Advantages over Competitors:

High quality: NdFeB magnet, the most important component is produced by our own factory, which enables us to make magnet quality under control.

Ni+Cu+Ni three-layer coating: Both NdFeB magnet and steel case are NiCuNi coated. This coating has good corrosion resistance, especially for the underwater usage, like in dirty lake, pond, river, and salty sea, etc.

Fast delivery: In-house production and fabricating capacity enables a just-in-time delivery of fishing magnet.

RoHS compliance: We are concerned about our environment and guarantee our products compliant with RoHS requirement.

More options of force: More standard options available, like 80kg / 176lbs, 120kg / 264lbs, 150kg / 330lbs, 200kg / 440lbs, 300kg / 660lbs, 400kg / 880lbs and 600kg / 1320lbs. Moreover, our in-house production and fabrication enables customized options for customers conveniently. We can meet your simple one-stop purchase.

Complete kit: The complete fishing kit is available including grappling hook, high strength Nylon rope with carabiner, non-slip rubber gloves, one set package, etc. It will make you an easy B2C sale like on Amazon directly.


Technical Data:

Part NumberD
Net Weight
Maximum Operating Temperature
HM-FS-484818880 275 80
HM-FS-6060228120 500 80
HM-FS-67672510150 730 80
HM-FS-75752510200 900 80
HM-FS-94942810300 1540 80
HM-FS-1161163212400 2650 80
HM-FS-1361363412600 3850 80

Special Reminder:

The rated pulling force is tested on the test condition of magnet surface attracted on the 1.5cm thick A3 high quality flat steel and then pulling via vertical direction to the steel surface at a uniform speed with the profession test equipment in the laboratory. Because your actual usage condition is different, the actual pulling force is lower.

Danger! Keep it far away from pacemakers, electronic products and children. Gloves are highly recommended to wear when you use it.

Make sure the fishing magnet works lower than 80C degrees.  

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