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Built-in Bushing Magnet


Built-in bushing magnet is also called pipe fixing magnet, insert magnet, inserted socket fixing magnet, precast concrete embedded threaded bushing magnet, etc.

Built-in bushing magnet is a magnetic shuttering solution for precast concrete industry! The embedded part is very common in the precast concrete products. If the embedded part is not positioned accurately, the precast concrete production will be effected highly and then the quality of precast concrete elements and operation safety can’t be ensured. Our bushing magnet is specially designed to solve this position problem. Because of strong adhesive force from NdFeB (Neodymium-iron-boron) magnet, it conveniently fastens embedded parts without slipping, such as the electric sockets, threaded sleeves, weld-on plates, etc. Simple solution makes work more efficient and cost effective.


Structure and Method of Usage for Built-in Bushing Magnet:

The bushing magnet consists of a ring NdFeB magnet, steel casing and steel threaded rod. NdFeB magnet is NiCuNi coated, and steel casing and thread rod are coated by Zn, Cu or other surface treatments to be protected from corrosion. The face of magnetic force is fixed on the steel table and the embedded part is fixed on the opposite face of the bushing magnet. The strong magnetic force will keep the bushing magnet and then embedded part in the precast concrete element positioned accurately and tightly.


Light and easy to operate

Reusable and durable

Quick to position, and then improve efficiency and cost

No screws, bolts or welding necessary to accurately position magnets on formworks therefore preserving surface finish to increase the service time

Improving quality of precast concrete elements

Advantages over Competitors:

Unbeatable know-how in Neodymium magnet, the most important component to ensure quality of built-in bushing magnet

Confident in quality and to accept terms of payment: payment after customers’ receipt of goods

More sizes available to save tooling cost

Standard sizes in stock and available for immediately delivery

Complete supply of precast concrete magnets like magnetic chamfer strip, shuttering magnet and custom-made magnetic products to meet customers’ one-stop purchase

Technical Data for Horizon’s Popular Models of Built-in Bushing Magnet:

Part NumberD
Maximum Operating Temperature

Maintenance and Safety Precautions:

Fix the bushing magnet on the formworks gently so as to avoid magnets damaged by the sudden attracting. 

The integrated Neodymium magnets must be kept clean. Avoid grout covering the magnets so as to keep magnetic force.

After use, it should be kept clean and oiled so as to being protected from corrosion. 

Please keep it far away from fire or being heating. The max operating or storage temperature must be below 80℃. Higher temperature may cause magnetic chamfer to reduce or totally lose magnetic force. If need working in high temperature, please tell us and then we may customize appropriate bushing magnet for your applications.

Although the magnetic force of built-in bushing magnet is much lower than shuttering magnet, it is still strong enough to create hazards to personnel through pinching on impact. Wearing gloves to protect one's hands is highly recommended. Please keep it far away from electronic instruments and unnecessary ferromagnetic metals. Special caution should be exercised if someone is wearing a pacemaker, because strong magnetic fields can damage the electronics inside pacemakers.

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