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Surface Coating for Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Type of CoatingCoating CodeColourTypical Coating Thickness
Working Temperature
Ni+Cu+Ni CoatingNiCuNiBright Silver10-20>24-72>24-72<200
Zn / Blue White Zn CoatingZnBlue White8-15>16-48>12<160
3+Cr Colour Zn CoatingColour ZnBright Colour5-10>36-72>12<160
Ni+Chemical Ni CoatingNi+Chemical Ni Dark Silver10-20>24-72>16<200
Ni+Black NiNi+Black NiBlack10-20>48-72>48-72<200
EpoxyEpoxyBlack / Gray10-20>96>48<130
(Ni+Cu / Ni+Cu+Ni) + Epoxy(NiCu / NiCuNi) + EpoxyBlack / Gray15-30>72-108>24<120
Passivation / PhosphatingPassivation / PhosphatingDark Gray1-3Temporary Protection——<240


1. SST Condition: 35+/-2°C, 5% NaCl, PH=6.5-7.2, Salt spray sinking 1.5ml/hour

2. PCT Condition: 120°C, 2 ATM, distilled water PH=6.7-7.2, 100% RH

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