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What is the Precast Concrete Magnet?

Precast concrete magnets are important magnetic solutions to fixing the precast concrete formworks. Precast concrete becomes more and more popular due to its advantages in quality, versatility, sustainability, durability and lower lifetime cost. It is flexible to produce the precast concrete elements in precast plants. All those types of elements are produced on a steel table by pouring concrete into the formworks. And then formworks must be required to be fastened on the steel table tightly and removed efficiently so as to demonstrate strength of precast concrete products. It is our wide ranges of precast concrete magnets that solve precast factories’ concern and diverse requirements. Shuttering magnets enable efficient formwork forming; magnetic chamfers enable quick and pretty chamfered edges for the precast concrete components; the variety of insert magnets meets diverse requirements, like anchor lifting, ferrule locating, etc.

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