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How Rare Earth Magnets Used in Magnetic Sensors

Jun. 20, 2022

The magnetic sensor is a sensor device that converts the change of magnetic properties of sensitive components caused by external factors such as magnetic field, current, stress and strain, temperature, light, etc. into electrical signals to detect the corresponding physical quantities in this way. Magnetic sensors are widely used in modern industry and electronic products to measure physical parameters such as direction, current and position with the intensity of induced magnetic field.

How Rare Earth Magnets Used in Magnetic Sensors

Compass: The earth will produce a magnetic field. If you can measure the magnetic field on the earth's surface, you can make a compass.

Current sensor: The current sensor is also a magnetic field sensor. Current sensors can be used in household appliances, smart grid, electric vehicles, wind power generation and so on.

Position sensor: There is a position change between a magnet and a magnetic sensor. If the position change is linear, it is a linear sensor. If it rotates, it is a rotation sensor.

Non contact sensors use magnetic materials. For example, Hall sensor, automobile position sensor, motor speed sensor, load sensor, security alarm sensor, magnetostrictive position sensor, automobile brake sensor, automobile wheel speed sensor, magnetic control sensor, vehicle speed sensor, water flow sensor, inductive sensor, inductive sensor, etc.

How Rare Earth Magnets Used in Magnetic Sensors

These sensors and magnets work together to detect the size of the magnetic field, or use the original magnetic material added to the sensor to detect ferromagnetic materials! Because different types of sensors have different requirements, the magnetic sensor magnet materials required are also different. Some sensors need to work in a high-temperature and stable environment, so they need to be sintered SmCo magnet. Some sensors need to be sintered Neodymium Iron Boron magnet material, because of their requirement about small size and high magnetic force. Some sensors are not very sensitive to the size and magnetic properties of magnets, so they can consider using ferrite magnet. 

Thanks to our long-term focus on high-end rare earth magnets in extreme consistency and stability, Ningbo Horizon Magnetics keep helping customers especially Hall senor manufacturers improve magnetic sensing solutions with accuracy, sensitivity and reliable measurements of external magnetic fields for a long time.

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