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Northern Rare Earths Listed Price in May: Prices of Many Rare Earth Products Significantly Reduced

May. 11, 2023

On 5 May, Northern Rare Earths released the listed prices of rare earth products for May 2023, with significant price reductions for multiple rare earth products. Lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide were quoted at RMB9,800 per tonne, unchanged from April 2023. Praseodymium oxide was quoted at RMB 495,000/tonne, down RMB 144,000/tonne from April, a 22.54% drop from April; praseodymium metal was quoted at RMB 610,000/tonne, down RMB 172,500/tonne from April, a 22.04% drop from April; neodymium oxide was quoted at RMB 511,700/tonne, down RMB 194,100/tonne from April, a 27.5% drop from April; neodymium metal was quoted at Neodymium metal was quoted at RMB630,000/t, down RMB232,500/t or 26.96% from April.

May 2023 Listing Prices of Rare Earth(1).jpg

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