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What Is Magnetic Material?

Aug. 06, 2019

Here is Ring Neodymium Magnet Factory talking about magnetic material.

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Ring Neodymium Magnet

Ring Neodymium Magnet

Magnetic materials are mainly used in various high-tech precision products such as micro motors, instruments, sensors, rotors, etc. Magnetic steel has the characteristics of high performance, high temperature resistance, stable operation and good consistency. Magnetic materials on this page mainly introduce ferrite and neodymium iron boron magnetic materials.

The magnetic material mainly has three parameters: Residual Induction, and the unit Gauss is a parameter that measures the strength of the magnetic field provided by the magnet; the Coercive Force, the unit Oersteds, is a parameter for measuring the anti-demagnetization ability; The magnetic energy product BHmax, unit Gauss-Oersteds, is a physical quantity that characterizes how much energy can be stored.

Ferrite material is the most versatile magnetic material. It has stable operating temperature and long service life. Even if the product is scrapped, the magnetic material of its components will not be bad.

The main raw materials of NdFeB materials are rare earth metal lanthanum, metallic element iron and non-metal element boron. The NdFeB ternary permanent magnet material is a yttrium-rich phase and a boron-rich phase magnet with Nd2Fe14B compound as a matrix.

What factors affect the magnetic properties of NdFeB?

Ambient temperature. The instantaneous maximum temperature and continuous maximum temperature of the use environment will cause different degrees of demagnetization of the magnet itself, including reversible and irreversible, recoverable and unrecoverable. environment humidity. NdFeB itself is easily corroded and oxidized. Generally, we use surface treatment to protect permanent magnets, but it does not fundamentally solve the effect of ambient humidity on magnets. The dryer the environment, the longer the life of the magnet.

The characteristics of NdFeB magnetic material are hard and brittle. After magnetization, the suction weight is more than 600 times its own weight, which is easy to absorb and bump. The operation process should pay attention to avoid bumps and disability for small specifications. For large specifications, it is more important to pay attention to personal safety and protection.

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