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Automation & Robotics

High automation is stated both in Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025. In the next several decades, Neodymium magnets must be of critical importance for robotics and then automation of business processes. Besides servo motors, our main applications are pumps and sensors which can achieve non-contact moving, sensing and switching and then contribute greatly to the increase in factory automation and worker productivity and safety.


The automation & robotics industry would look much different without use of the Hall Effect sensors. The Hall sensor provides accurate and stable proximity, position, speed and current sensing, which highly depends on the permanent magnet quality. Horizon could supply rare earth NdFeB and SmCo magnets with following characteristics:

Polarity identification: The magnet polarity could be identified automatically in a unique mark so as to make sensor manufacturers assemble magnets with correct position.

Magnetic angle deviation: Magnetic angle deviation can be controlled within 2.5 degrees or tighter deviation as customer requirement so as to ensure the sensor to measure angular position of a rotary application with precision and dependability. 

Magnetic consistency: Tight range of magnetic properties like magnetic flux between magnets can be ensured to enable the sensor to work with accuracy and precision.

Stability: Our high temperature Neodymium magnet and Samarium Cobalt magnet could withstand a strong demagnetizing field and high temperature until 350°C, especially rare earth Cobalt magnet with a lower temperature coefficient -0.04% per °C. High flux and demagnetizing resistance ensures the sensor to work with stability.

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