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Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry, both above and below ground, offers some unique challenges for rare earth magnet designs. Horizon has been recognized a reliable partner to provide many solutions where SmCo and high-temperature grade Neodymium magnets have offered designers the ability to solve many problems. Horizon’s magnets can be found widely in geophones, MFL, artificial lift systems, electric submersible pump systems, etc.


Particularly the downhole service field, both on and off shore, dominates the harsh environments like high temperature and corrosion. Products including magnets are required to keep working stable at temperature high to 180°C  or even 200°C. Horizon can supply grade 35 SmCo magnet to support the permanent magnet motor to work with high flux and low temperature coefficient. Our team has a long experience in producing SmCo magnets used for PMM ESP and PCP manufacturer, Borets. Moreover, Horizon has been producing large sized magnets exceeding one kilo per piece for the PIGs.

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