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Segment Neodymium Magnet


Segment Neodymium Magnet Introduction

Segment magnets are available in different shapes, such as curved and fan-shaped neodymium magnets, and are commonly used in magnetic rotor systems for advanced motors or generators.

High Performance Segment Neodymium Magnet

Improved corrosion resistance – The HAST protocol used on uncoated Neodymium magnets can qualitatively reflect the service life of the magnet. This test exposes the magnet to 130°C, 95% RH, at 2 ATM for 20 days. The magnet weight is measured before and after the test. Our magnets measure a weight loss of less than 3 mg/cm2. Competitors’ magnets can lose over 10 times more.

Batch to batch uniformity – The BHmax of our magnets has a Cpk value greater than 1.6.

High Maximum Working Temperature – Our AH series of NdFeB magnets have working temperatures up to 230°C.

Excellent adhesion of plating to the magnet – Our magnets develop up to 2,175 psi attractive force between the plating and the magnet. 

Size of Segment Magnets

Normal Size Range: L (Length): 1~180mm, W (Width): 3~180mm, H (Height): 1.5~100mm

Maximum Size: L50 x W180 xH80mm, L180 x W80 xH50mm,

Minimum Size: L1x W3 x H2mm

Orientation Direction Size: Lower than 80mm

Tolerance: Generally +/-0.1mm, Particularly +/-0.05mm

Machining Method

Generally, the segment requires grinding and EDM cutting from the big block. Sometimes, the approximate final shape achieved after the EDM cutting needs processing with a shaped diamond grinding wheel which provides the precise dimensions and speeds up the machining process. Prior to coating, the small segment needs vibration tumbling and the big segment needs manual chamfering.

Main Application

Electric motors, wind turbines, pump couplings, chemical pumps, magnetic assemblies, etc.

We have advanced technology in the field of neodymium magnets. For more information about our magnets, please contact us. For other Magnets pls click here.

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