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The Difference Between NdFeB Magnet and Ferrite Magnet

Feb. 23, 2021

Here is what the Neodymium Magnet Suppliers share with you about the difference between neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets

Let me talk about ferrite magnets first:

Ferrite magnet is a metal oxide with magnetism. In terms of electrical characteristics, the resistivity of ferrite is much larger than that of metal and alloy magnetic materials, and it also has higher dielectric properties. The magnetic properties of ferrite also show high permeability at high frequencies. Therefore, ferrite has become a non-metallic magnetic material widely used in the field of high frequency and weak current. It is a non-metallic magnetic material, which is a composite oxide of magnetic ferric oxide and one or more other metal oxides.

Smco Magnet

Smco Magnet

Performance characteristics of NdFeB magnets:

The advantages of Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets are high cost performance and good mechanical properties; the disadvantages are low temperature points, poor temperature characteristics, and easy pulverization and corrosion. It must be improved by adjusting its chemical composition and adopting surface treatment methods. In order to meet the requirements of practical applications. NdFeB belongs to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetism. It is currently the magnet with the best performance-to-price ratio and is known as the magnet king in the field of magnetism.

The density of NdFeB strong magnets can reach 7.4-7.5. The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials widely used in modern industry and electronic technology. In the state of bare magnetism, the magnetic force can reach about 3500 Gauss or even higher. The application of magnets has penetrated into people's lives. People have developed various smart toys, medical devices, cultural and educational products by using the physical changes of the magnetic field. The wide application of magnets is making people's lives more colorful!

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