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  • 900Kg Shuttering Magnet
  • 900Kg Shuttering Magnet

900Kg Shuttering Magnet


Brief Introduction to Shuttering Magnet 

900Kg shuttering magnet is a magnetic shuttering solution for precast concrete formworks! The shuttering magnet or formwork magnet makes it convenient, economic and efficient to fix the side forms and openings firmly onto steel tables and beds during the casting and vibration processes. We are a shuttering magnet china leading manufacturer&supplier!

What Working Principle of 900 kg Shuttering Magnet 

The precast concrete industry has been searching for a more economical and efficient formwork method. In the past, some conventional magnets were used to position and fasten the formwork, but considerable mechanical loads with a hammer were required, which was easy to damage the magnets and the surface of the expensive formwork tables as well. Excellent design of magnetic circuit could generate strong magnetic force obviously with less permanent magnets and then lower cost. For the shuttering magnets, the core component is the magnetic array. The block shaped Neodymium magnets and low carbon steel plates form a special magnetic circuit so as to supply an extremely high holding force when it attaches to a steel table. Moreover, the holding force may vary much when the air gap changes. 

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

What Structure of Shuttering Magnets for Precast 

Thanks to Horizon's knowledge and experienced experts in magnet and construction fields, in order to facilitate the formwork activities, Horizon is developing and manufacturing our own shuttering magnet successfully. Our precast concrete shuttering magnet provides quick operation leading to improved efficiency when setting out and breaking down the formwork. It consists of a switchable NdFeB magnet array and a steel housing. By pressing the button on top of the steel housing, this magnetic force is activated so that this magnet can fasten the formwork to the steel table tightly. In a deactivated mode, the magnet is easy to position. By means of two threaded holes integrated on the top, this magnet can be equipped with various adapters, which can provide unlimited options for use.

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

Why Shuttering Magnet Needed in Precast Concrete Production

1. Use with any type of formwork materials, wood, steel or Aluminum

2. Compact size and light weight to operate easily

3. Simple and exact positioning

4. Holding force ranging from 450 Kg to 3100 Kg for strong enough to fasten formworks firmly

5. Avoid welding or bolting to the expensive formwork table, therefore, preserving the surface finish

6. On/off button and housing of magnetic array to ruduce operators' finger injuries 

7. Same magnet used for different purposes

8. Integrated threaded holes to adapt formwork

9. Increase productivity and quality

10. Save time and money

Technical Data for Horizon’s Popular Models of Shuttering Magnet

Part NumberL
L 1
Maximum Operating Temperature

What Advantages of Horizon's Shuttering Magnet over Competitors' 

1. Experienced. We are a pioneer in the design, engineering and production of magnet products for the precast concrete industry. Our experience in producing NdFeB shuttering magnets can date back to year 2008. In the past 15 year as our customers in precast concrete industry keep updating their requirements, we have been optimizing designs of shuttering magnets 900KG and expanding categories of precast concrete magnets to solve their more problems encountered.

2. Unrivaled competitive strength in Neodymium magnet and magnet knowledge. Currently the participants in the shuttering magnets come from several different markets, NdFeB magnet production, precast concrete plant systems, or comprehensive construction accessories. NdFeB magnet and its designed magnetic circuit is the most important component to ensure the shuttering magnet quality. We have been producing NdFeB magnet and magnetic assemblies over a decade, which gives us unrivaled competitive strength over other participants.

3. Complete supply of precast concrete magnets. Our strong design and in-house machining capacity enables us to produce a complete range of precast magnets for precast concrete manufacturers including magnetic chamfers, inserted magnets, and custom-made magnetic systems.

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

Who Worth Us Competing with in the World

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

In the world dozens of companies produce or market the shuttering magnet or magnetic shuttering. However, we only regard Ratec, Weckenmann and Elematic as our competitors, because all our shuttering magnets have the similar strength in the aspect of quality, long service time, design capacity, and professional in magnetic shuttering field. Ratec is an innovation leader in magnetic formwork technology including shuttering magnets and magnetic shuttering systems for precast concrete production. In addition, it offers a steadily growing portfolio of room cell formwork for numerous applications. Weckenmann is a leading manufacturer and developer of plant systems for the manufacturing of two dimensional and structural precast concrete elements that are used in residential and industrial construction. Its plant system is a wide portfolio of products like machinery, formwork, control solutions, and formwork profiles supported by the shuttering magnet or its said MagnetBox. Elematic is the global technology and market leader in precast concrete production technology for residential and non-residential buildings. Its FaMe magnet shuttering system is composed of unique shape of shuttering magnet or its FaMe magnet.

What Precast Concrete Elements Production Requires Shuttering Magnets

Our shuttering magnet offers a wide variety of casing material, shape, size and holding force. Therefore it is suitable for preparing precast concrete molds for almost all types of precast concrete elements, especially like walls, columns, beams, including window and door openings, recesses, etc.

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

How to Use Shuttering Magnet along with Adapters and Releasing Tool

Shuttering magnet makes it easy to put the side forms to desired places and attach them to the mold. Before pushing the button on the top of the steel casing, you may easily move the shuttering magnets by sliding them on the surface to the exact positions. Then, press the button to activate the magnetic force and then the shuttering magnet can fasten the formwork to the steel table tightly. Sometimes, operators might choose to equip various adapters with two threaded holes integrated on the top, which can provide unlimited options for use. If you want to remove the formwork, you may attach a releasing tool to the button and then push the handle to turn off the magnetic force easily. The shuttering magnet is light and convenient to move and position during operation.

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

What Typical Projects that our Shuttering Magnets Support

Hundreds of customers keep using our shuttering magnets in their precast concrete production, and the typical project is Manila LRT1 Cavite Extension Project. Manila LRT 1 is a fully elevated north-south route. It runs on a precast concrete structure 7 m above the street, designed to withstand earthquakes. LRMC work with Bouygues Travaux Publics as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for this LRT-1 extension. Bouygues Travaux Publics is an expert in large-scale projects involving tunnels, engineering structures, as well as road, port & rail infrastructures. Our HM-MF-0900 shuttering magnets and steel magnetic chamfers were selected and supplied to support this project.

900Kg Shuttering Magnet

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