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  • 900Kg Shuttering Magnet
  • 900Kg Shuttering Magnet
  • 900Kg Shuttering Magnet

900Kg Shuttering Magnet


900Kg shuttering magnet is a magnetic shuttering solution for precast concrete formworks!

In fact, construction market is too small compared to all Neodymium magnet markets, and Neodymium magnet is also too small to extensive construction accessories. Almost none of magnet suppliers have interest or knowledge in the application of magnet in the construction market. We focus our assembly attention on developing and manufacturing Neodymium magnet assemblies for the construction industry, especially precast concrete industry.

The precast concrete industry has been searching for a more economical and efficient formwork method. In the past, some conventional magnets were used to position and fasten the formwork, but considerable mechanical loads with a hammer were required, which was easy to damage the magnets and the surface of the expensive formwork tables as well. Thanks to Horizon's knowledge and experienced experts in magnet and construction fields, in order to facilitate the formwork activities, Horizon are developing and manufacturing our own shuttering magnet to solve this problem successfully.

Our shuttering magnet provides quick operation leading to improved efficiency when setting out and breaking down the formwork. It consists of a switchable NdFeB magnet unit and a steel casing which forms a certain designed magnetic circuit. By pressing the button on top of the steel casing, this magnetic force is activated so that this magnet can fasten the formwork to the steel table tightly. In a deactivated mode, the magnet is easy to position. By means of two threaded holes integrated on the top, this magnet can be equipped with various adapters, which can provide unlimited options for use.


Use with wood or steel formworks

Easy to operate

Simple and exact positioning

Adhesive force ranging from 450 Kg to 3100 Kg

Avoid welding or bolting to the formwork table therefore preserving surface finish

Same magnet can be used for different purposes

Integrated threaded holes to adapt formwork

Technical Data for Horizon’s Popular Models of Shuttering Magnet:

Part NumberL
L 1
Maximum Operating Temperature
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