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Neodymium Bar Magnets Production Process

Jul. 01, 2019

1. Picking: the process of placing orders of Rare Earth SmCo Magnet;

2. Adhesive material: the material will be glued together according to a certain shape;

3. Cutting: The inner circular slicer performs cutting. The shape of the blank material is generally three (round, square, punched).

Cylindrical: Generally, the specifications for cutting are 2MM---100MM, the thickness is above 0.5MM, and the processing speed of the round NdFeB magnet is faster, convenient and the delivery time is short. But the profits earned are not high.

Square magnet: Square magnet processing is much slower than circular magnet, because it needs to be cut on all six sides, one product needs to be processed three times, two more steps than the round, and the bonding process is not round. Sticky. Therefore, the square magnet has a long delivery time, but its profit is still ok.

Punched products: A specified hole is to be placed on the blank during the pre-processing. Square Neodymium Bar Magnets are required to be punched in a certain process and then cut. The amount of perforated magnet products used in the market is relatively large, and the prospects are very promising. Various shaped products, such as trapezoids.

4. Black film inspection: It is the qualified inspection of the semi-finished products processed by the slicing workshop;

5. Cooking material: The glue that binds the products together is boiled in hot water to facilitate the subsequent receiving and polishing process;

6. Receipt: Check the quantity and know the quantity of delivery;

7. Polishing/Chamfering: The corners around the product are ground to a certain degree according to the customer's requirements. The surface is smoother and the external viewing point is the former work of electroplating.

8. Electroplating: It is an important task for the long-term preservation of the appearance of NdFeB magnet products. The surface treatment is mainly galvanized / nickel / chrome / epoxy resin and so on. The plating composition is different, the color will be different, and the storage time will be different.

Neodymium Bar Magnets

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