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Various Uses Of Magnets

Oct. 19, 2019

The composition of the magnet is an atom such as iron, cobalt or nickel. The internal structure of the atom is relatively special, and it has a magnetic moment. The strong magnet can generate a magnetic field and has characteristics of attracting ferromagnetic substances such as iron, nickel, cobalt and the like.

Classification of powerful magnets:

Shape magnets: square magnets, tile magnets, shaped magnets, cylindrical magnets, ring magnets, wafer magnets, magnet magnets, magnetic frame magnets.

Attribute magnets: samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium magnets (strong magnets), ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, iron chrome cobalt magnets. Therefore, there are Square Block Neodymium Magnet commonly found on the market.

Square Block Neodymium Magnet

Square Block Neodymium Magnet

Industrial magnets: magnetic components, motor magnets, rubber magnets, plastic magnets, etc.

The strong magnet is divided into permanent magnet and soft magnetic. The permanent magnet is magnetized, so that the spin of the magnetic substance and the angular momentum of the electron are placed in a fixed direction, and the soft magnetic is added with electricity (also a method of adding magnetic force). Waiting for the current to remove the soft iron will gradually lose its magnetism.

So what are the uses of different kinds of magnets? Our Block Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer will tell you.

The use of different types of magnets:

1. NdFeB permanent magnet is a modern magnet strong permanent magnet, and its application is also extensive.

It is mainly used in electroacoustic, permanent magnet motor, communication, car electronics, magnetic machinery, aerospace, computer, household appliances, medical equipment, office automation, toys, packaging boxes, leather goods, magnetic jewelry and other fields.

2. Permanent magnet ferrite is used as a constant magnet in electric meters, generators, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave devices. It is also used in recorders, pickups, speakers, and also for magnetic cores of various appearances. In radar, communication, navigation, telemetry and other electronic devices. For example, Wind Generators Segment Motor Magnet are common in our daily lives.

3. Samarium-cobalt magnets can operate at temperatures up to 300 degrees and are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. They are now widely used in detectors, generators, radars, exteriors, and other fine technologies.

4. AlNiCo magnets are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. They are mainly used in motors, sensors, medical instruments, hand tools, tweeters and various exteriors.

5. Rubber magnets are divided into the same sex and the opposite sex. The same-sex suction is weaker. It is mainly used for publicity (refrigerator stickers, car stickers, etc.), decoration gifts, refrigerator magnets, toys, teaching materials, etc. The magnets of the opposite sex are relatively strong and can be used for small motors. , sensors, magnetic adsorption products, etc.

Now I will focus on the application of powerful neodymium magnets in life.

The neodymium magnet is in the descaling and anti-scaling occupation. After the water is treated by the high-strength magnetization, the water molecular bond is simultaneously deformed by the firing angle and length, and the hydrogen bonding angle is reduced from 105 degrees to 103 degrees, so that the physical and chemical properties of the water occur. The fire series changes, the water activity and the degree of ablation are greatly improved. The calcium carbonate in the water is divided into different solid calcium bicarbonates during the cooking process, which is not easy to accumulate on the wall and is easily taken away by the water. In the rare earth utility data industry, the high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet data is mainly used. The high-function NdFeB permanent magnet data products are used in high-end use markets such as new power and energy conservation and environmental protection, such as EPS and new power vehicles.

Neodymium magnet manufacturers have followed the automotive industry's skill and human needs for energy conservation and environmental protection. Electric or hybrid electric vehicles with low energy consumption, low music and low exhaust gas have become the goal everyone seeks. The bonded neodymium magnet has the advantages of high magnetic function, small volume and high efficiency. The efficiency of the motor using the neodymium magnet is 8-50% higher than that of the popular motor, the power consumption is reduced by more than 10%, and the volume and component can be increased by more than 30%. The vehicle has been developed to be miniaturized, lightweight, highly functional, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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