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Siderail Magnet


Siderail shuttering magnet is an innovative magnetic fixture for prefabricated concrete element factories to fix the precast concrete formworks efficiently.

We take advantage of our strength on Neodymium rare earth magnets to develop the switchable side rail magnet to find out excellent solutions to fixing the formwork or shuttering on the steel table. The previous formwork fastened via bolting or welding caused many problems such as more labor required, more time needed, and the expensive formwork table easier to damage and then its service time shortened. This new siderail magnet uses strong magnetic force to fasten, move and disassembly the formwork conveniently and efficiently, without bolting or welding causing any damage to the surface of the expensive formwork table. The structure is simple, composed of Neodymium magnet array, steel shell, switchable button and two integrated screws through the top side of the steel shell. Due to NdFeB magnet’s strongest permanent magnet material currently and developed magnetic circuit designed, the siderail magnet system may generate enough force needed especially in the vibration, compacting and tilting processes of concrete to fix formwork tightly, but with light weight and small size. Moreover, the reusable and universal use makes this side rail magnet affordable for precast concrete plants to invest.



Universal: This feature is one of the most important factors for precast concrete plants to consider for their production. Universal for production of most PC elements, such as window, stairs, floor slab, solid slab, solid wall, double wall, sandwich wall, beam, column, etc; universal for almost all formwork materials, such as steel, wood or aluminum; universal for fixing most directions, height and shapes of shuttering, with the help of two integrated screws and adapters; universal for most production systems, such us stationary production, pallet circulation production, etc; universal for most retaining force and limited space required, with several force options from 450kg to 3100kg and customized design.

Safe: Except the retaining force side, the other five sides are covered by the U shape steel shell, which reduces the danger risk of strong magnetic force to operators.

Reusable: Not only once application, but reusable use. The steel shell protects the inside magnet array against rust or damage and then extend its service time.

Easy: The switchable button makes it easy to turn on or turn off the strong retaining force.


 Advantages over Competitors:

We originate from NdFeB production, and NdFeB rare earth magnet is designed, produced and controlled by ourselves. The high quality of siderail magnet could be ensured by us.

In-house production and fabricating capacity keeps most related issues on control and enables in-time delivery of siderail magnet.

Absolutely strength in the magnetics ensures thoughtful recommendation for customer’s unique requirement on magnet choice like material, shape, size, magnetic properties, coating type, etc.


Technical Data for Horizon’s Popular Models of Siderail Magnet:

Part Number  L
L 1
Maximum Operating Temperature
(°C / °F)
HM-MF-090028023060127090080 / 176
HM-MF-16002702186016120160080 / 176
HM-MF-21003202706016120210080 / 176
HM-MF-25003202706016120250080 / 176
HM-MF-31003202706016160310080 / 176

Special Precautions:

Uneven surface of working side may generate air gap between siderail shuttering magnet and the formwork table, and then reduce the retaining force. Please regularly check the NdFeB magnet array and keep it clean and free from any big foreign substances.

The working side has strong retaining force. Please keep it far from electronic instruments and unnecessary ferromagnetic metals. The operator is highly recommended to wear gloves, and work with care so as to avoid any parts of his body clamped by the working side to any other ferromagnetic metals. Special caution should be exercised if someone is wearing a pacemaker, because strong magnetic fields can damage the electronics inside pacemakers.

The ambient temperature for siderail shuttering magnet must be below 80 °C / 176 °F, or better below 60 °C / 140 °F. General siderail magnet is designed for operation with temperature below 80 °C / 176 °F, because in the precast concrete element production only the curing process might require high temperature, and normal around  60 °C / 140 °F . If your production requires higher temperature, please tell us, and then we may customize appropriate side rail magnets for you.

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